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Azure Logic Apps Agreements List By Integration Accounts

Gets a list of integration account agreements.

Azure Logic Apps Agreements Delete

Deletes an integration account agreement.

Azure Logic Apps Agreements Get

Gets an integration account agreement.

Azure Logic Apps Agreements Create Or Update

Creates or updates an integration account agreement.

VersaPay Create an Agreement

Create an agreement.

VersaPay View Received Agreements

View received agreements.

VersaPay View Sent Agreements

View sent agreements.

VersaPay Approve an Agreement

Approve an agreement.

VersaPay Cancel an Agreement

Cancel an agreement.

VersaPay Reject an Agreement

Reject a *pending* agreement by supplying an agreement's *token* attribute and providing a *rejection_reason*.

VersaPay Revoke an Agreement

Revoke an *approved* agreement for your account by supplying an agreement's token attribute. The agreement's creator will no longer be able to debit your account using this agreement.

VersaPay Debit Agreement Hosted Checkout

Clients, customers, or donors, for instance, can initiate a pre-authorized debit agreement by clicking a link on your website or in an email.

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